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Here's why ...

Regrettably, the ownership of the property we are currently located has changed to a large corporation located in Texas. This corporation has prioritized profits over people leaving us in a situation where we are forced to shut down after being an exemplary tenant for years.

We are a minority-owned business that supports several veteran programs and over 2000 seniors in the Durham community through programs such as the Silver Sneakers program which promotes health, fitness, and nutrition.

We are asking for your financial support to assist us in moving into a new and better location in the Durham area so we can continue to provide all the wonderful services we have been providing for years.


To prevent us from having to shut down or relocate we took legal action, however, the corporation was unwilling to come to a reasonable compromise which caused us to accrue thousands of dollars in legal fees over the past few months. We are also asking for financial support to pay for those legal fees as well.

We desire to rebuild. This may seem like an overwhelming need and goal, however, all monies will be used to bring Millennium Sports Club back.


We will be better than before and we can’t wait to work with all of you again very soon.


All donations are very much appreciated and we thank every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support you have given Millennium over the years and hopefully, the support you can give to us now in our greatest time of need.


We need your support now more than ever.

Thanks and prayers from the Conteh and Millennium families.

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