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A total body workout that is a fusion of ballet barre exercises, Pilates core work, yoga flexibility and resistance training that will sculpt, stretch and tone major muscle groups.

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Body Pump

A workout that emphasizes strength-building, muscle toning, and a stretching workout method. 



A strength and cardio-based workout all in one. Improvement of your resting heart rate and muscular endurance. Increased balance, coordination, reactivity and agility. 

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Circuit Express

A fast-paced class in which you do one exercise for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and then move on to another exercise.



A cardiovascular workout performed on a stationary bicycle, focusing on proper body alignment and proper cycling techniques. Please bring a water bottle and a towel to class.

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Firm & Tone

A total body workout focusing on firming and toning for all levels using a variety of equipment.


Silver Sneakers

Designed to increase muscle strength, range of movement and improve activities for daily living.

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Hi/Lo Cardio & Abs

High cardio but low impact. This means you are getting a great aerobic workout, but you get to control the intensity based on your fitness level. 

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Muscle Pump

A strength training class that works the whole body using free weights and bars to develop muscle endurance and strength.


NIA Dance

Nia is a holistic movement practice that combines dance arts, martial arts and healing arts to bring health and wellness to body, mind, emotion and spirit. Nia is for everyBODY, regardless of age, ability, or fitness level. Move in your body's way to improve your flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability. Come join the dance!

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A workout to strengthen and lengthen the core muscles.

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Strength Training

A free weights workout to maximize your training.

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Stretch & Flow

A workout that focuses on the whole body and will include balance training and stretching.

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A workout that concentrates on improving balance, flexibility, relaxation and breathing techniques.

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A Latin music inspired choreographed dance class, with a party vibe. Come join the party.

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