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Today, every company must be on the cutting edge in every aspect to stay ahead. This includes the benefits each company can offer its employees. We make it possible for companies to offer full membership privileges to their employees through convenient payroll deduction, with no final cost to the company.


Of course, if the company would like to foot the entire bill, the employees very rarely complain! Investing time in your employees’ health will result in a winning situation for you and your staff.

An added value to your company would be to invest in nutritional counseling, we offer one-on-one or group sessions. We also offer a nutritional speaker series. Millennium Sports Club is here to assist you with these goals.


For more information call Patrik at

(919)384-1992 or email him

Duke, UNC or State Employees

6 Month Membership

$40 Monthly

1 Year Membership

$30 Monthly


12 months (Paid in Full)



6 months (Paid in Full)


Para Empleados del Duke o de el Estado

12 Meses

$360 Pagado

$30 Pago Mensual


6 Meses

$240 Pagado

$40 Pago Mensual


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